Leysieffer Kaffee Capsules Espresso 12 PCS

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A fully aromatic espresso with harmonious toasty notes.

The fine taste of this traditional espresso comes from South and Central American Arabica beans with a touch of Robusta.

This espresso is then crowned with a dense, golden-brown crema.

Contains: 12 capsules. 1 pack of 12 capsules each; each capsule holds 6.5 g roast coffee blend.

Leysieffer coffee capsules provide quick and easy preparation without mess, always delivering the highest quality coffee beverage.

The aluminum-free, environmentally friendly capsules consist of 100% recyclable plastic and can easily be tossed into normal waste destined for the landfill.

JEach capsule is also hermetically sealed to provide perfect protection to the flavor of the coffee and keeping it fresh longer.

Exclusively for the Leysieffer Coffee System.

Contents: 78,00 g

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